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Can I carbonate anything other then water?

No.  You can only carbonate water.  If anything has been added to the water it will not carbonate but will make a great big mess and possibly cause some damage to the unit.  If nothing has been added to the water then you can carbonate it again - just make sure the water is topped up to the fill line.

I don't live in the Toronto area, can you ship your products to me?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer any shipping services. 
We primarily service the GTA with great prices for CO2 cylinders and refills offered by pick up only.

What is Beer Gas and do you have it?

Beer gas is a carbon dioxide/nitrogen mixture which is often used to dispense beer from a keg.  Because the nitrogen is an inert gas the beer dose not not become over-carbonated.  We provide pure CO2, not a beer gas mixture.