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Make your own soda water for 10 cents!                                                                                          
Starter Kit
1 Sodamistic Unit
1 Sodamistic CO2 Cylinder
1 Sodamistic Bottle with Cap

1 Sodamistic Unit
1 Sodamistic CO2 Cylinder
1 Extra CO2 Cylinder
4 Sodamistic Bottles with Caps
Bonus Your choice of Mystic Brand Flavour Syrup Free
Premium Package
Pop Mixes:

Diet Cola
Ginger Ale
Root Beer
Red Cream Soda

     MYSTIC Brand FLAVOURS        $5.50 (1 lt)    $18.00 (4 lts)

Mystic Brand syrups are made locally with top quality ingredients and produce a great tasting drink comparable to store bought brands. By carbonating your water and adding your flavour on the spot you will always have fresh sodapop - never flat.
Bottle Special
Buy 4 Bottles with Caps and
Get One Free
     Packages and Specials  

     Nestea Ice Tea         $25.00 (4.55 lt)                    
Take the Nestea Plunge with Genuine Nestea Ice Tea flavour concentrate. 
Just add plain water to make 36 liters (that's 320 glasses!) of prepared Ice Tea.

CO2 Cylinder        $ 99.99 ea                    
Bottle with Cap     $   9.99 ea
Cap                   $   1.25 ea